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Bunkspeed Shot Pro 2011.3 x32/x64 (2011, ENG)

Bunkspeed SHOT ™ является новым продуктом, вышедший на замену HyperShot.
Hybrid rendering - Bunkspeed SHOT™ возможность использовать одновременно CPU и GPU.
Возможность работы на одной или несколько рабочих станций.
Работает с большинством данных САПР-
Не требует мощной графической карты-
Хорошо работает даже на ноутбуке (мин dual core)-
Значительно ускорен процесс параллельной обработки NVIDIA CUDA поддержкой GPU.

Год/Дата Выпуска: 2009-2010
Версия: 2011.3 Build 5.0.1012.3003
Разработчик: bunkspeed
Разрядность: 32bit 64bit
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Совместимость с Windows 7: полная
Системные требования:
Windows 7 32bit или 64bit
Vista 32bit or 64bit
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Размер: 2.62 Гб

Особенности на Англ.
Bunkspeed Shot '11 Features
Mate to Model
- When importing a separate piece or making an update, when you select mate to model it places it in the right place even if you've moved a model.
Tree View
- Model and Part tree view with 3D part preview for quick scene navigation.
New Library
- Library can reside on any networked drive
Integrated Image Viewer
- Simple image viewer for viewing renders on as you create without leaving the application.
All new high quality emmissive light shader
- “Intensity” let's you control the brightness of the texture on the object with a given material.
Material definitions saved to stand alone file for easy sharing
- “Intensity” let's you control the brightness of the texture on the object with a given material.
Enhanced Roughness Parameter sensitivity for highly accurate material simulation
- Any object can be turned into a light.
- “Intensity” let's you control the brightness of the texture on the object with a given material.
Alias .wire import
- 3D part preview with high speed Layer and shader based import.
- Merging of multiple projects.
Import multiple models at the same time to create a single model
- You can import mulitple separate models to create single model
Interactive Ray Brush with Magnifyer
- Clicking on ray brush concentrates all the processing power on the highlight area for quick accurate preview.
Improved texture manipulation
- Place the center of the texture or decal exactly at the position you want on the model with a single mouse click.
-When experimenting with various textures and decals, a “Reset” button lets you quickly reset all values to quickly start over “with a clean sheet of paper.”
Environment height adjustment
- Move the environment up or down relative to its overall size. This gives users greater control over placement of light and reflection of the environment (HDRI).
Better ground shadows
- When rendering the final image, you will notice that the ground shadows are now calculated cleaner every time the “Shadow Quality” parameter is increased.
Interactive interface configurability
- Maximized, Windowed, Floating and Full Screen modes, independent of viewport size.
-Tear off the palette or edit windows for a customized working environment. All interface settings saved between session.
Fast preview mode
- Ability to turn raytracing off for fully interactive performance mode during model and texture manipulations.
Bunkspeed Shot Projects
- All Assets, materials, settings and geometry are saved into a single project file which is compressed and exchangeabel.
More Interactive dials in addition to numeric input
- All text boxes are interactive sliders for precise control and less clutter.


Bunkspeed Shot Pro 2011.3 x32/x64 (2011, ENG) Bunkspeed Shot Pro 2011.3 x32/x64 (2011, ENG)

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