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Microsoft MapPoint Europe gives you the power to visualize business data on maps, so you can communicate insights with instant impact. Get street-level detail for Western European countries. MapPoint can plot an efficient route for your travel, with turn-by-turn driving directions.

-Up-to-date geographic information with street-level maps for Western European countries.
-Easy-to-use tools for trip planning and data mapping.

With MapPoint features, you can:
- Define custom territories and analyze business performance by geography.
- Find optimal routes by calculating mileage, drive times, and expenses in advance.
- Get detailed maps and driving directions.
- Add maps to Microsoft Office documents and presentations.
- Build custom mapping solutions with the extensible MapPoint object model.


Название: MapPoint
Версия: 2011 Europe
Лицензия: Other
Операционая система: Windows
Язык: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
Всё включено
Размер: 2.32 Gb

MapPoint 2011 Europe

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